Alamo Biologics is a leader in state-of-the-art cleaning and sterilization techniques. Pioneering the methodology using super critical CO2, our proprietary PASCO2 technology leaves allograft tissue with more tensile strength and elastic properties than traditional methods like irradiation.

The PASCO2® Process

PASCO2® technology is a cutting-edge allograft processing technique. It combines the principles of supercritical CO2 with that of traditional chemical and mechanical processing steps for the removal of organic materials, like blood particles and lipids, from both hard and soft tissues. In addition to a highly-effective, validated washing procedure, PASCO2® technology utilizes a mild, non-toxic sterilizing agent to thoroughly inactivate pathogenic microorganisms and achieve a sterilization assurance level of 10-6 while simultaneously maintaining biocompatibility, as well as the physiological properties and mechanical integrity of tissue.
PASCO2® technology sterilization process uses a highly effective, validated washing procedure, plus a mild, nontoxic sterilizing agent to rid allografts of blood particles and lipids. This process does not jeopardize the tensile strength and elastic properties of the connective tissue being cleaned. PASCO2® technology maximizes bio-compatibility and mechanical integrity in donor tissue. Our trained surgical technicians operate in certified class 100 clean rooms. The PASCO2® process is based on ISO 14937:2009 sterilization for health care products to process donated human tissue into high-quality reconstructive and sports medicine allografts. Allograft tissue is processed to a validated Sterility Assurance Level of 10-6.