Honoring the Gift

For more than 25 years, Alamo Biologics has been dedicated to honoring the gift of donation, allowing others the opportunity to live healthier, happier lives.

Our donors and their families understand the importance of tissue donation, giving hope, faith and often life-saving resources to those who need it the most.


Full-Service Tissue Bank

When a life ends, Alamo Biologics ensures the spirit lives on – helping someone else in need. And with that comes great responsibility – not only for the donor and donor families, but also for our medical community and patients.

That’s why Alamo Biologics is fully registered and accredited. We are committed to ensuring the highest safety protocols are followed, with all products manufactured to the highest statutory, professional, regulatory and legislative requirements.

The Alamo Biologics Difference

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Exclusive PASCO2® Technology

In partnership with Precision Allograft Solutions, Alamo Biologics is proud to offer the proprietary and exclusive PASCO2® Technology using a supercritical CO2 process for cleaning and sterilization of allograft tissue and other biologics without irradiation.

Safety and Respect

At Alamo Biologics, our compassionate team honor donors throughout the donation process with love and dignity – with safety and respect. That’s why all of our donors agree to pass a comprehensive screening before any tissue is recovered or processed. This ensures safety and respect for our donors, our medical community and our patients.

Science and Faith

At Alamo Biologics, we believe science and faith can coexist. Our donors donate their gift in faith, knowing their spirit will continue to live through others. In turn, their gift invigorates science, propelling medical breakthroughs that can help heal – and save – lives.

Innovation and Compassion

At Alamo Biologics, we understand innovation is often a result of compassion – an idea born to solve a problem and make our world a better place. That’s why our mission and values are rooted in compassion – it’s compassion that creates the innovative solutions we offer to make lives better.